fancy new website

june 5, 2014


it took us a minute, but we got a fancy new website cooked up for all of you. we've got some big plans for the site, so keep an eye out. there's sure to be some nifty new stuff soon!


our friend, photographer, and web designer, ryan taylor threw all of this together for us. if you have a minute, you should check out his food photography website.

follow us on instagram

june 1, 2014


if you're on the 'gram, follow us at @redstarsouthern

fuck it, i'm gunna fry chicken

may 30, 2014


because why the hell not? it's not really news. actually, we just needed some filler to balance this page out. -- it's no secret. we're cool like that.

open friday & saturday, 6pm-sold out - in front of wonderland - 1104 east 6th - (512) 962-3674