fried chicken

buttermilk-marinated tennessee hot chicken breaded, fried, and seasoned with cayenne, lemon, and thyme. served with bread, pickles, and coleslaw.


pulled pork

pecan chip smoked boston pork butt with duke's mayonnaise coleslaw on a house-made brioche bun. served with cornbread.


pimento cheese

cheddar and pepperjack with duke's mayonnaise, green tabasco, pickled jalapeƱo.

with crackers $6

as a sandwich, served with coleslaw $8



roasted beets with black eyed pea, carrot, onion, mushroom, spinach., with ketchup and sunflower seed glaze.

with vegan gravy $6

open-faced, with black eyed peas $8

seasonal veg gratin

farmer's market vegetables sliced and roasted with olive oil and herbs. served with black eyed peas.


mac & cheese

cheddar, gouda, with parmesan chips and pea tendrils. served with braised greens.


with ham $8


hush puppies


creamed corn


deviled eggs

half dozen $4

summer salad

serrano-compressed cucumber, white peach, honey, basil, red onion, chive, with lemon vinaigrette


horicot vert

with heirloom tomato, smoked peach puree, hazelnut, and arugula.


with blue cheese $4.50

braised greens



biscuits and gravy

sweet potato biscuits and classic country gravy.


sample menu only -- items and prices may change without notice

open friday & saturday, 6pm-sold out - in front of wonderland - 1104 east 6th - (512) 962-3674