the chef's table at red star southern

the chef's table at  red star southern features a highly seasonal tasting menu featuring dishes representative of the meal's theme.

current menu

theme: food trailer



deviled egg


horicot vert

tomato, peach

hazelnut, arugula



vegetables, herbs

black eyed peas


mac & cheese

cheddar, gouda

parmesan, greens



cayenna, lemon

thyme, pickle



black eyed pea, carrot

mushroom, spinach



smoke, brioche

coleslaw, cornbread



cheddar, pepperjack

jalapeƱo, tobasco


white peach

honey, lemon

cucumber, basil


$85 per person


the chef's table at  red star southern is available by reservation only. to purchase tickets, please email us at


your ticket is inclusive of all food and any beverages you select. Please arrive within 15 minutes of your ticket time or we may be unable to serve you. pricing may vary by time and day of week, just as a ticket would for different seats in a theater or sporting event. all patrons are limited to two table purchases per season. since we are not billing our patrons at the time of the dinner we are adding a 20% service charge at the time of purchase.

open friday & saturday, 6pm-sold out - in front of wonderland - 1104 east 6th - (512) 962-3674